Brandon Evenson, Owner/Coach

CrossFit CF-L1

•CrossFit CF-L2 Trainer

My fitness journey started back when I was 18 years old and 298lbs with 31% bodyfat. I realized that something had to change. So over the next year, I was able to lose 98lbs. At 200lbs I felt great, and I knew that this is what I wanted to do forever…help others with their own fitness journey. So I spent the next 7 years personal training at various gyms around the area as well as owned my own fitness companies. During that time I met Amber, and I knew that she and I would do this together. We grew a passion for CrossFit and it’s community atmosphere! We knew that this is what we wanted to do forever, and that’s how CrossFit Mill Town was born. We enjoy competing and helping others achieve their goals. In our off time, we like to hangout, go to dinner, play with our girls Emma, Savannah,and Olivia and also our two dogs daisy and Murphy. We like doing anything outdoors…especially in the summer time…hanging out at the river. – Brandon Evenson, Owner/CrossFit Coach/Personal Trainer












Amber Evenson, Owner/Coach

•CrossFit CF-L2 Trainer

I have been training for 10 years now but have been passionate about physical fitness my entire life. As a competitive gymnast, and all around athlete, I realized that physical fitness affects much more than just appearance. As a certified personal trainer, speed and agility coach, Bootcamp instructor and CrossFit coach I have been so blessed to witness lives truly changed. My passion is to help people find strength in themselves to accomplish things they never dreamed possible!!! Brandon and I have been training together for almost 7 years now as an inseparable team. CrossFit gave us one of the most effective tools for helping people reach, otherwise, unreachable goals. We have been CrossFitting for almost 4 years now and have never found a better way of training for complete physical fitness for athletes at every level of training. It has become a family way of life with our girls as we are now training Savannah (19) to coach along side us as Emma (15) is still in high school as an outstanding athlete and plans to join us in the future as well. CrossFit has not only changes lives but the lives of families as well. -Amber Evenson, Owner / CrossFit & Bootcamp Coach / Personal Trainer


















Maegan Becker, Coach

CrossFit CF-L2 Trainer

Fitness is about being able to keep up with the craziness of everyday life while being able to add a wild adventure now and then.  I started CrossFit training many, many years ago and it has changed my life completely.  I went from sluggish to fit to feeling amazing!  I have been an athlete most of my life; playing soccer, running track, sailing, skiing, hiking, climbing, etc.  Since starting CrossFit I feel like I am in the best shape of my life.  I have energy to run around with my kids and a new zest for life that I can’t wait to share with all of you. – Maegan Becker, CrossFit Coach
















James Hutchison, Coach

My name is James Hutchison and I live in Vancouver, WA. My CrossFit journey began in early 2013 when I stepped on the scale and it read 371.6lbs. I remember walking into CrossFit Mill Town my first day and almost meeting a certain evil clown only half way through the warm up. I survived and although I was exhausted and sore, I was instantly addicted to the camaraderie and family atmosphere. With a lot of work, combined with a lot of help and encouragement from the CFMT family, I managed to lose 130lbs in one year and 9 days from the day I had stepped on that scale and now over 150lbs total. I’ve been that person who was “morbidly obese”. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I was when I started CrossFit.If I could do it at the horrible shape I was in, anyone can. I look forward to helping as many people as I can through CrossFit.


•CrossFit CF-L2 Trainer (2017)

•CrossFit CF-L1 (2014)

•CF Games Regionals Judge (2015-Present)

•CF Movement & Mobility Course

•CF Scaling Course

•CF Spot the Flaw Course

•Medic First Responder + CPR & AED




















James D. Strange, DC, MS, CF-L1 Trainer
I grew up playing sports, especially football. Being competitive was an understatement, but I was fortunate enough to learn the importance of physical activity. I had the usual gym routine down, but I was looking for more. That’s when a friend suggested I try CrossFit. That’s when I found what I was looking for in an exercise program. I enjoy every aspect, from the competiveness to the group setting, CrossFit has everything.

"I'm so proud of our athletes; they've made huge improvements, and continue to make them.  My job as coach is to help athletes achieve their potential and make sure they're getting the results they desire. CrossFit is literally a life changing experience for many people. I'm thankful for being able to share my passion for wellness and seeing the differences we're making in people’s lives."


  • B.S. (Bachelor’s Degree in Biology)

  • M.S. (Master’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Science)

  • D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

































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