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WOD 9/6/18

Warm up :x1

2 Laps around Samson 

1. 50ft knee grabs 

2. 50ft high knees 

3. 50ft spider lunge 

4. 50ft straight legged bear crawl

5. 100ft kareoka  

6. 100ft side shuffle 

7. F&R skip 

8. Lateral skip 

Conditioning: partner banded running 

(4rds each) not for time but keep going back and forth between partners. One partner does forward and backwards then switch 

*Guys blue band ladies green band 

50ft banded running forward 

50ft banded running backwards 

Partner WOD 

4rds for Time 

Row Cals 15/25

200m Sprint 

*you each have 4rds so partner 1 will do their calorie row then run their 200 meters then when they get back in the building partner 2 can go.  Continue until both partners have done 4rds each then time then That’s your time.

* with time left foam rolling 


4325 NW Lake Road, Camas, WA 98607 

(360) 904-9903 or (360) 609-8380

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